Character: Julius Rigel

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Employment History (17)

Corporation Joined at
Absolute Order Absolute Order over 3 years
Aliastra Aliastra over 4 years
Empire of Decadence Empire of Decadence over 5 years
Aliastra Aliastra almost 11 years
Callide Vulpis Callide Vulpis about 12 years
Sub-warp Racing Venture Sub-warp Racing Venture over 13 years
Aliastra Aliastra over 13 years
One.Way.Trip One.Way.Trip over 13 years
Aliastra Aliastra almost 14 years
Ma-Ven Industries Ma-Ven Industries over 14 years
House Rigel House Rigel over 15 years
SIEGE. SIEGE. over 15 years
Phoebus Ouroboros Phoebus Ouroboros over 15 years
Corporate Systems Authority Corporate Systems Authority about 16 years
Aliastra Aliastra about 16 years
The Colonies The Colonies over 16 years
Center for Advanced Studies Center for Advanced Studies over 16 years

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