Character: Sifote Dias

Last updated 9 months ago

Employment History (17)

Corporation Joined at
FOKX - PWP FOKX - PWP over 1 year
Aliastra Aliastra over 1 year
The golden throne The golden throne over 1 year
The silver throne The silver throne over 1 year
Black Sharks Division Black Sharks Division over 3 years
The silver throne The silver throne over 3 years
Aliastra Aliastra over 3 years
FOKX - PWP FOKX - PWP over 10 years
Brotherhood Of Metal Brotherhood Of Metal over 10 years
Light of Hope Light of Hope about 12 years
Aliastra Aliastra about 12 years
Soviet Fleet Soviet Fleet over 12 years
Risky eXplosion Risky eXplosion over 12 years
Corporation ATLANTIS Corporation ATLANTIS over 13 years
AFC AFC over 13 years
Federal Navy Academy Federal Navy Academy over 13 years
Academy of Russian Federation Academy of Russian Federation 9 months

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