Character: wollykins1

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Employment History (23)

Corporation Joined at
KarmaFleet KarmaFleet over 1 year
Royal Amarr Institute Royal Amarr Institute over 1 year
Walt-Bridg Mills Walt-Bridg Mills about 2 years
Viziam Viziam almost 3 years
Allspark Industries Allspark Industries over 4 years
Anoikis Industries Inc Anoikis Industries Inc almost 5 years
Viziam Viziam almost 5 years
POS Party POS Party over 5 years
Viziam Viziam over 5 years
WalterOrgLog WalterOrgLog almost 6 years
Viziam Viziam almost 6 years
Enlightened Industries Enlightened Industries about 6 years
HAYNE HAYNE over 6 years
Viziam Viziam over 6 years
Beyond The Rim Beyond The Rim over 13 years
Hunerian Science Institute Hunerian Science Institute over 14 years
The Huns The Huns over 14 years
Humiliators Humiliators over 14 years
Koshaku Koshaku over 14 years
Viziam Viziam over 14 years
Cataclysmic Industries Cataclysmic Industries almost 15 years
Faded Industries Faded Industries over 15 years
Royal Amarr Institute Royal Amarr Institute over 15 years

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