Character: Czar Vilinous

Last updated 7 months ago

Employment History (12)

Corporation Joined at
Dreddit Dreddit almost 7 years
Distinguished Gentleman's Boating Club Distinguished Gentleman's Boating Club almost 9 years
A Fortiori A Fortiori about 12 years
The Scope The Scope over 12 years
Evolution Evolution over 13 years
Sidereal Mgmt Services Sidereal Mgmt Services over 13 years
The Scope The Scope over 13 years
The Forsakened Companions The Forsakened Companions almost 16 years
Ministry for Silly Walks Ministry for Silly Walks almost 16 years
The Scope The Scope almost 17 years
Homeworld Technologies Homeworld Technologies almost 17 years
Spacing Guild Spacing Guild about 17 years

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