Character: Bamfordi

Last updated 6 months ago

Employment History (17)

Corporation Joined at
Viziam Viziam almost 7 years
Koshaku Koshaku almost 8 years
Viziam Viziam almost 8 years
TunDraGon TunDraGon over 8 years
Falling On Deaf Ears Falling On Deaf Ears over 8 years
Global Defence Initiative Global Defence Initiative almost 9 years
BAMF's BAMF's almost 9 years
People of Random Nature People of Random Nature over 9 years
Reaper Crew. Reaper Crew. over 9 years
Dirty jobs Inc. Dirty jobs Inc. almost 10 years
Viziam Viziam almost 10 years
Asteroids Civil Rights Union Asteroids Civil Rights Union over 10 years
All Your Roids Are Belong To Us All Your Roids Are Belong To Us over 10 years
The Black Ops The Black Ops about 11 years
Legion of Ascension Legion of Ascension over 11 years
Imperial Academy Imperial Academy over 11 years
Dreddit Dreddit 10 months

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