Character: Elardrin

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Employment History (16)

Corporation Joined at
Perkone Perkone 11 months
Pandemic Horde Inc. Pandemic Horde Inc. almost 2 years
Perkone Perkone almost 2 years
MyTaxShelter MyTaxShelter over 6 years
Perkone Perkone almost 7 years
MyTaxShelter MyTaxShelter over 8 years
Perkone Perkone over 8 years
Estel Arador Corp Services Estel Arador Corp Services over 8 years
Perkone Perkone about 10 years
The Black Company LLC. The Black Company LLC. over 10 years
Perkone Perkone over 10 years
The Ascension The Ascension over 11 years
Perkone Perkone over 11 years
Pilots of Damnation Pilots of Damnation over 12 years
Illuminante Genesis Guerilla Organisation Illuminante Genesis Guerilla Organisation over 12 years
State War Academy State War Academy over 12 years

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