Character: Cheezedoodle II

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Employment History (16)

Corporation Joined at
Pandemic Horde Inc. Pandemic Horde Inc. about 1 year
Perkone Perkone almost 3 years
Dreddit Dreddit about 3 years
Perkone Perkone about 3 years
Institute of Semenology Institute of Semenology about 7 years
Interstellar Expeditionary Group Interstellar Expeditionary Group about 7 years
Mission Ready Mining Mission Ready Mining over 7 years
Perkone Perkone over 7 years
Phoebe Freeport Holdings Phoebe Freeport Holdings over 8 years
Perkone Perkone over 8 years
Dutch East Querious Company Dutch East Querious Company over 8 years
Perkone Perkone over 12 years
EVE University EVE University almost 13 years
Perkone Perkone over 13 years
East Bay Material Acquisition East Bay Material Acquisition about 14 years
School of Applied Knowledge School of Applied Knowledge about 14 years

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