Character: Linda Kemp

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Employment History (12)

Corporation Joined at
KarmaFleet University KarmaFleet University 11 months
Sebiestor Tribe Sebiestor Tribe over 3 years
Iyen Manufacturing Iyen Manufacturing over 3 years
Sebiestor Tribe Sebiestor Tribe about 10 years
Odyssey Inc Odyssey Inc over 10 years
Veerhouven Logistics Veerhouven Logistics over 11 years
Itichiro Industries Itichiro Industries over 11 years
The Airborne Fleet The Airborne Fleet about 12 years
Sebiestor Tribe Sebiestor Tribe about 12 years
5th Monkey Leigon 5th Monkey Leigon almost 13 years
A Hundred Monkeys A Hundred Monkeys about 13 years
Republic University Republic University over 13 years

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