Character: LucasSulinazul

Last updated 5 months ago

Employment History (14)

Corporation Joined at
Perkone Perkone about 8 years
Stargate SG-1 Stargate SG-1 over 8 years
Perkone Perkone over 8 years
Titan Slayers Titan Slayers over 8 years
Perkone Perkone almost 9 years
Chaos Mercenaries Chaos Mercenaries almost 9 years
Mercenaries 4 Hire Mercenaries 4 Hire about 9 years
Perkone Perkone about 9 years
Dracula Order Dracula Order almost 11 years
The Gallente Dream The Gallente Dream over 11 years
Perkone Perkone about 13 years
Griffin Legion Griffin Legion over 13 years
State War Academy State War Academy over 14 years
People of the Saiya People of the Saiya 6 months

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