Character: Rio Shardani

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Employment History (19)

Corporation Joined at
Absolute Order Absolute Order over 2 years
Viziam Viziam almost 4 years
Pentinence Pentinence about 4 years
Maidens Of The Chalice Maidens Of The Chalice about 4 years
Viziam Viziam over 4 years
Zonk Squad Zonk Squad about 5 years
Viziam Viziam about 5 years
Caldari Colonial Defense Ministry Caldari Colonial Defense Ministry over 5 years
State Protectorate State Protectorate over 5 years
Viziam Viziam almost 6 years
Operation WormBear Operation WormBear about 8 years
Blaze Orange Expeditions Blaze Orange Expeditions over 8 years
Sons-of-Liberty Sons-of-Liberty over 8 years
Viziam Viziam over 8 years
Imperio Ignis Imperio Ignis almost 10 years
Vera Cruz. Vera Cruz. almost 11 years
DarkStorm. DarkStorm. almost 12 years
State Protectorate State Protectorate almost 12 years
Imperial Academy Imperial Academy over 12 years

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