Character: Rio Shardani

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Employment History (19)

Corporation Joined at
Absolute Order Absolute Order over 1 year
Viziam Viziam almost 3 years
Pentinence Pentinence about 3 years
Maidens Of The Chalice Maidens Of The Chalice about 3 years
Viziam Viziam over 3 years
Zonk Squad Zonk Squad about 4 years
Viziam Viziam about 4 years
Caldari Colonial Defense Ministry Caldari Colonial Defense Ministry over 4 years
State Protectorate State Protectorate over 4 years
Viziam Viziam almost 5 years
Operation WormBear Operation WormBear about 7 years
Blaze Orange Expeditions Blaze Orange Expeditions over 7 years
Sons-of-Liberty Sons-of-Liberty over 7 years
Viziam Viziam over 7 years
Imperio Ignis Imperio Ignis almost 9 years
Vera Cruz. Vera Cruz. about 10 years
DarkStorm. DarkStorm. almost 11 years
State Protectorate State Protectorate almost 11 years
Imperial Academy Imperial Academy over 11 years

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