Character: Solomon Buelle

Last updated 8 months ago

Employment History (12)

Corporation Joined at
Brave Newbies Inc. Brave Newbies Inc. almost 3 years
Aliastra Aliastra almost 3 years
The New Gallentean Combine The New Gallentean Combine about 5 years
Aliastra Aliastra over 5 years
uniDat Amalgamated uniDat Amalgamated almost 6 years
Aliastra Aliastra almost 6 years
The Zeitgeist Social Enterprise The Zeitgeist Social Enterprise almost 7 years
Aliastra Aliastra about 7 years
EVE University EVE University over 7 years
Aliastra Aliastra over 7 years
R0GUE DR0NEZbzztz-011010 R0GUE DR0NEZbzztz-011010 over 7 years
Center for Advanced Studies Center for Advanced Studies over 7 years

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