Character: Aspado Sabezan

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Employment History (13)

Corporation Joined at
Academy of Russian Federation Academy of Russian Federation over 2 years
Viziam Viziam almost 7 years
Polite People DV Polite People DV about 7 years
Viziam Viziam about 7 years
Khabarovsk Mining Corporation Khabarovsk Mining Corporation over 8 years
Viziam Viziam over 8 years
First Star Origins ink. First Star Origins ink. almost 9 years
Communist Academy Communist Academy about 9 years
Viziam Viziam about 9 years
Emperor Systems Emperor Systems over 9 years
Viziam Viziam over 9 years
Technical Mining Collective Technical Mining Collective over 9 years
Royal Amarr Institute Royal Amarr Institute over 9 years

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