Character: Solar Plexus

Last updated 6 months ago

Employment History (17)

Corporation Joined at
S1ngularity S1ngularity over 4 years
Aliastra Aliastra over 4 years
Machiavellian Empire Machiavellian Empire almost 6 years
No More Nonsence Please No More Nonsence Please almost 6 years
Aliastra Aliastra almost 11 years
corps corp corps corp almost 11 years
Aliastra Aliastra almost 11 years
Infinite Improbability Inc Infinite Improbability Inc over 11 years
Aliastra Aliastra over 11 years
Tides of Silence Tides of Silence over 13 years
Aliastra Aliastra over 13 years
Ceryshen Interglobal Technologies Ceryshen Interglobal Technologies almost 14 years
Aliastra Aliastra almost 14 years
The MadKas Alliance The MadKas Alliance about 15 years
Center for Advanced Studies Center for Advanced Studies about 15 years
Subsidy H.R.S. Subsidy H.R.S. 7 months
Aliastra Aliastra 7 months

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