Character: Philip Antilles

Last updated 5 months ago

Employment History (14)

Corporation Joined at
The Study of Wumbology The Study of Wumbology over 1 year
Aliastra Aliastra over 1 year
Space Tonka LLC Space Tonka LLC over 2 years
Aliastra Aliastra over 2 years
Mare Crisium Industries Mare Crisium Industries over 3 years
Aliastra Aliastra almost 5 years
Recios Explorer Wing Recios Explorer Wing over 5 years
Aliastra Aliastra over 5 years
Event Horizon Consecution Event Horizon Consecution over 6 years
University of Caille University of Caille over 6 years
Pandemic Horde Inc. Pandemic Horde Inc. 6 months
Aliastra Aliastra 6 months
Lighthouse Fish and Salvage Lighthouse Fish and Salvage 6 months
Aliastra Aliastra 6 months

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