Character: Shanariah

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Employment History (23)

Corporation Joined at
Absolute Order Absolute Order over 3 years
Perkone Perkone over 3 years
7-MICRON 7-MICRON over 9 years
Perkone Perkone almost 11 years
Booomer Inc. Booomer Inc. about 11 years
Biber Enterprise Biber Enterprise over 11 years
Perkone Perkone over 11 years
modtec industries inc. modtec industries inc. over 11 years
Sleeper Infomorph Technologies Sleeper Infomorph Technologies over 11 years
Revenent Defence Corperation Revenent Defence Corperation almost 12 years
Perkone Perkone almost 12 years
COLD-Wing COLD-Wing almost 13 years
Perkone Perkone over 13 years
Bandwuermer Bandwuermer over 13 years
Perkone Perkone over 13 years
Free-Space-Ranger Free-Space-Ranger over 14 years
accomplices accomplices over 14 years
Perkone Perkone over 14 years
Free-Space-Ranger Free-Space-Ranger almost 16 years
Parental Advisory Parental Advisory about 16 years
Perkone Perkone about 16 years
assassin and accomplices assassin and accomplices over 16 years
State War Academy State War Academy over 16 years

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