Character: Carn Axtgraeber

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Employment History (13)

Corporation Joined at
Run the tool Run the tool over 4 years
Perkone Perkone over 4 years
Shiva Shiva about 5 years
North Eastern Swat North Eastern Swat almost 6 years
Perkone Perkone almost 6 years
Meltd0wn Meltd0wn about 6 years
Perkone Perkone over 6 years
Cataclysm Enterprises Cataclysm Enterprises almost 7 years
Perkone Perkone almost 7 years
Flying is ExPensive Flying is ExPensive over 8 years
Perkone Perkone over 8 years
Flying is ExPensiv Flying is ExPensiv over 8 years
Science and Trade Institute Science and Trade Institute over 8 years

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